The Reset experience



We’re creating the space and time that you need 

We hear you. The biggest thing you’re missing right now is time. Time to yourself, time to unwind, time to really explore what is important to you. 

At The Reset we love to hold space and give you time in different ways so there’s something for everyone, no matter how busy your life is. 

Whether you’re looking for 40 minutes before work to meditate and connect, a couple of hours to do that vision board you’ve been thinking about, or a break away to sunny climbs with like-minded people for 5 nights, we’ve got you covered. You deserve this time. 



It’s only you that’s stopping you getting what you want

The power of the mind is fascinating to us at The Reset. We want to share with you everything your brain can be doing for you and harnessing it to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. 

We’re all about the practical when it comes to the mind. Words like affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness and manifesting are swirling around the world of wellness right now. And they’re becoming totally inaccessible to busy women like you, which makes us pretty mad. 

What we do through our events and retreats is make these concepts practical and do-able, not just aspirational. We help you overcome procrastination, cut through overwhelm and create goals and action plans you will actually achieve. We’re all about helping you make small, sustainable changes in how you think in order to feel more content and capable every single day. 


Delicious food to nourish and fill you

The Reset was formed from our love of great food - Lauren is a Nutritional Therapist and Vicky writes a health food blog, it’s what we’re all about!

To us, food isn’t about rules or restrictions. When our events involve food we’ll always show you how varied and filling a whole-foods diet can be, give you cooking demonstrations and send you away with a new-found enthusiasm for cooking from scratch.

When we take you away for a break, an on-site chef will cook for you and be with you throughout the retreat to share knowledge and tips on meal prep, great ingredients and simple, healthy ways to stay nourished. We’re not about deprivation at The Reset, no-one goes hungry! 



Yoga and Pilates sessions to strengthen and connect

Exercise is important in your life, we all know it. But how much do you prioritise it, and when you do, are you doing the best things for your body?

We love including yoga and Pilates as key parts of our retreats and events. Pilates improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. Yoga brings the body and mind together and is built on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation. 

Don't worry if you've never tried yoga or Pilates before, the classes will cater for all. We think they're the perfect way to ensure movement becomes a regular feature in your life. 



A circle of like-minded people to support you  

Community is really important to you and it is to us too. None of The Reset means anything without a circle of people around you who will learn and grow with you.

You’ll get to know a supportive tribe through our events and retreats, women who you’ll connect with on a completely different level from your friends or family right now, who understand and support you in a unique and necessary way. 

Community also means that support goes on beyond the retreat or experience you attend, with our mailing list, blog packed with information and tips and a Reset network expanding beyond just a once-off, mountain-top experience of the event you attend. 



Like the sound of what we do? Got questions? 

Contact us; we want to give you the answers and make sure this is the experience you're looking for. 

And don't just take it from us! Read our Testimonials to find out what our attendees think of The Reset and the experience we bring you.